Sep 21, 2021

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I am fully vaccinated, where can I travel to?

Completely tormented and ready to put a new stamp on your passport? So pack up.

So far, 35 countries including Dubai, France, Germany, Costa Rica and Monaco have eased their restrictions on fully vaccinated South Africans.

According to the travel guide website Sherpa, which has developed a map tool that shows the worldwide travel restrictions for Covid-19, there is no need for Covid-19 tests or quarantine on arrival in the 35 countries.

For comparison: 60 countries require a Covid-19 test on arrival, and 23 countries are open to travel with Covid-19 tests and quarantine on arrival.

South Africans are not allowed to travel to 82 countries, including the USA, Australia, the Seychelles, Brazil and China.

“Travel is only for returning travelers Citizens possible and those who meet strict requirements, ”says the website.

There are also 32 countries whose restrictions are unknown.

Do I need proof of vaccination?

Yes. In most international countries, be it on leisure trips or on return, a vaccination certificate (vaccination pass) is required upon entry.

The European Union (EU) has a digital green Certificate introduced, equipped with a digital signature in the form of a scannable QR code, which is used to prove the vaccination status of a traveler , which enables freedom of movement between Member States.

That The UK has developed its own NHS Covid Pass, India has its QR-verifiable CoWin platform, US states are introducing digital health records that are stored on mobile phones . < / p>

China launched its international travel health certification in March, while France launched its “vaccination pass enforcement” last month.

In the US, certain companies and tourist attractions like Goldman Sachs, Disney, Walmart , No tflix, Facebook and Google also require “vaccination certificates”.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is also starting a self-registration portal to enable Covid-19 test laboratories to join IATA Travel Pass Lab Network.

The IATA laboratory network provides a list of eligible laboratory locations around the world so that travelers can easily find a location for a Covid-19 prior to travel. Find the test.

What should I do if I lose my vaccination card?

If something happens to your vaccination card or you lose it, contact us the place where you were vaccinated.

Wherever you have been vaccinated, a pharmacy or a drive-through vaccination location , your documents will be archived.

“The at The information provided by the registry helps in planning, as the data from the system of the government allocates vaccines to the service point te enable.

“The system allows the government to ensure that enough vaccines are available on a given vaccination day. The information is also used to communicate with you about the vaccination program program if necessary. All EVDS data is stored securely and the system complies with all applicable laws, ”said the government.