Nov 29, 2022

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I am over 50 and can get a booster shot, but will it help?

South Africans over 50 are eligible for a second Covid-19 booster shot, with the World Health Organization (WHO) saying the extra shot may help protect against the coronavirus.

The National Health Department said that from Monday all people in this age group can receive another dose of the Pfizer vaccine. The dose must be taken at least 120 days, or four months, after you received your last Pfizer or Johnson&Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

The department said this is part of the government’s effort to achieve population immunity and protect vulnerable groups, particularly those living with comorbidities such as diabetes and hypertension.

TheInternational Coalition of Medicines Regulators and the WHOgave recently updated guidelines for out healthcare workers about the Covid-19 vaccine. They explained that while the effectiveness of a second booster dose has been studied for all ages and may not be necessary, it has been shown to be important for those who are immunocompromised

. “Initial results indicate that protection against serious illness or death is maintained for many months or longer after a third vaccination. is required to maintain immunity except in immunocompromised individuals.”

Several countries have offered a second booster dose to older members of their population.

Last month the WHO said studies on the effectiveness of an additional booster dose are sparse and and limited to the duration of continued protection, but there is evidence that it is beneficial.

“Seven studies were available for review, six from Israel and one from Canada. All were done at a time when Omicron was the predominant circulating strain worldwide.

“Although studies vary in design and population studied, most evaluated the relative efficacy of a fourth dose four months after a third mRNA -dose of [Pfizer] vaccine compared to those who received three doses.

“This relative vaccine efficacy only provides an indication of the value of a fourth dose compared to subjects who already have some vaccine-induced protection (three-dose recipients).

“The relative effectiveness of the vaccine depends on the initial effectiveness of the vaccine provided by three doses and how severe the subsequent decrease has been. In contrast, previous studies provide absolute vaccine efficacy when comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.”


The government and private sector have launched thousands of vaccination centers across the country where you can get free Covid-19 booster shots.

< span >Click here to see vaccination centers near you. You can also get the jab at Clicks or Dis-Chem pharmacies. You can find a Clicks vaccination page here and a Dis-Chem page here.

The health department and health organization Right-to-Care have launched the app to help it to make it easier for everyone to find the nearest vaccination center with a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

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