Jun 26, 2022

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‘I am sick of hearing load-shedding jokes’: Eskom CEO slams ‘armchair critics’

Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter has hit back at “chair critics” and called for his resignation as load shedding continues, saying he will only do so if the utility board asks him to.

< p>In addition, in recent weeks, the head of the embattled energy company has been criticized for managing Eskom and the constant power outages.

By May 10, Eskom had implemented 32 days of load shedding this year, compared to 26 Days last year in the same period last year.

In a speech on eNCA, De Ruyter said he didn’t care for a “ship that has been mismanaged for the last 15 years” and “eroded by corruption”. would be held responsible.

< p>“I would be the first to say that if I feel like I’m not making a dent, I’ll happily step down, or if there’s someone who does has references to follow in my footsteps who has a b eater job can do . I’d welcome your offer of help immediately, but that person hasn’t come forward yet.

“I know there are a lot of chair critics out there who like to be very smart and call themselves energy experts, but with respect, I guess not that they fully appreciate the challenge that the job poses.” Personally, I’m tired of going to a social gathering and listening to load-shedding jokes for 10 minutes before people move on to the performances of various international sports teams. I don’t enjoy it.”

Last month, Eskom board member Busisiwe defended Mavuso De Ruyter during a parliamentary briefing, saying he and the board would not be the “fall-boy” for the chaos the utility is experiencing .

< p>Mavuso said it was the mistakes of the ANC-led government that had damaged Eskom over the years.

“The reality is that this is not our mess .

“Anything else, frankly, we can’t be the scapegoat for this ANC-led government.”

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