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‘I tried to call, she didn’t answer’: Mother’s relief after kidnapped daughter rescued from car boot

“I thank God my daughter has returned.”

These are the words of a mother whose worst fears were realized when her 30- year old The elder daughter was allegedly kidnapped by bricklayers on Monday and packed into the trunk of their Audi Q2 while they were renovating their home in De Aar in the North Cape.

The victim, an employee of Pixley ka Seme District Municipality, was rescued hours later at a Grasmere service station more than 700km away on the N1 south of Johannesburg.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped find my daughter, from the police, family members and everyone who helped with the search,” the victim’s mother said Thursday.

She had Visiting her daughter at home Sunday afternoon but couldn’t stay as the property was being renovated.

“During the night – around 7pm I believe – I tried to call her, but she didn’t answer. she said.

She called again Good luck Monday morning. She and her other daughter then went to the house and found no one there. “I tried to call her around 10 am but she didn’t answer and I asked my friend to call her.”

The missing one Daughter responded with a strange message to her mother’s friend. At that moment they had no idea that something was wrong. But the mother received a cryptic message from her daughter around 3 p.m. It read, ‘I love you’, accompanied by a face and a heart emoji.

‘I sent a message back and asked, ‘ Where are you because you’re not answering the phone?’ and she replied ‘sorry ma’.”

“I think 10 minutes after that a friend of hers said [my daughter] sent a funny text and said she was in danger. She said we can’t talk in English and stuff because people are looking at her, they’re watching her,” the mother said.

It then dawned on her that something was terribly wrong and they contacted the police.

“I emphasized now, from then on we contacted other people and the police station. As they filled out the list, things got serious now,” she said.

Police visited her daughter’s home and suspected that the missing construction workers might be behind the kidnapping.< /span>

“I think it was in the trunk the whole time. I think when they were in the Johannesburg area she was able to send the place to one of her friends and they followed that place. Someone called the [tracking company] and they got together and approached her car,” she said.

“They [kidnappers] were with her and fought her, but I think she kept quiet the whole time, that’s why she was able to have the phone to text.” sending that they were not aware of.”

Her daughter later explained that she was left penniless when her captors forced her to deposit all of her money into her account.

The mother assumed that the masons knew her daughter’s whereabouts since she was left alone. Various people have been involved in the renovation work since the beginning of January.

Northern Cape Police Spokesman Capt Olebogeng Tawana said two foreign men are expected to appear in De Aar Magistrates Court soon and will be charged with kidnapping and stealing a motor vehicle. span>


Tawana said the victim employed the two men as bricklayers.

“On Monday, the pair allegedly kidnapped the victim… and stuffed her in the trunk of their Audi Q2 and drove off with her. The victim was in possession of her mobile phone and she managed to communicate with her mother via WhatsApp about the ordeal of the kidnapping and theft of her car,” she said.

Police in De Aar responded promptly and launched a search and trace operation that circulated details of the missing vehicle.

De Aar SAPS members Sgt. Riaan van Wyk and Det Sgt. Jam Tyers and Landile Security Services owner Kennedy Khubashe cooperated in the search .< /p>

Khubashe said they helped the police. “We don’t want to reveal anything that might hamper the investigation.”

The search led the team to a Grasmere service station on the N1 south of Johannesburg, where the woman was in the trunk of her vehicle was found.

“The victim suffered bruises as a result of the beating that ensued during the kidnapping. With the support of the Johannesburg Motorway Police, including private security in Grasmere, the suspects were arrested,” Tawana said.

Pixley Ka Seme District Commander, Brig Nomana Adonis, expressed her gratitude to all who were involved in the arrest of the suspects.

< p>The victim will not be identified at the request of the police while the investigation continues.

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