Jan 31, 2023

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‘I won’t return to Eskom’: Matshela Koko rejects calls to go back to power utility amid load-shedding

Former Eskom CEO Matshela Koko has dismissed calls from some social media users wanting him to be reinstated amid the utility’s ongoing load shedding.

< p>Koko’s name hit the trending lists on Twitter this week during the load shedding in phase 6.

Many online members suggested that he be reinstated

In response to the calls, Koko said he would not be returning to Eskom or any other state-owned company any time soon.

< span>“I will not return to Eskom nor work for any state-owned company under the sixth government,” he said.

Koko noted the ongoing load shedding in Stage 6 and said it had little to do with striking Eskom workers.

“ Electricity demand this week was over 33,000 MW. Eskom has continually struggled to meet the 29,000 MW demand over the past 12 months. We need to be prepared for sustained level 6 load shedding. This has nothing to do with the strike action. It’s a mess,” he said.

“I don’t see how Eskom can maintain its operational reserves under these conditions. The power requirement of 33,000 MW and system failures of 17,000 MW will consume all reserves overnight. It has very little to do with the striking workers.”

Koko was elected President Cyril Ramaphosa in 2018 in a joint decision later supported by former President Jacob Zuma as Eskom CEO fired amid allegations of misconduct.

In May this year, Chief Justice Raymond Zondo recommended an investigation into Koko and possibly Gupta-related business dealings at Eskom to be prosecuted.< /p>

Zondo made the recommendation in part four of its report on the investigation into the state’s capture.

“To the extent that there were concerns that Mr Koko may have been involved in acts of corruption that have harmed Eskom, the evidence found by the Commission has shown that the Cabinet’s concerns about Mr Koko were fully justified,

“I think Mr. Koko was feeding Mr. Salim Essa consistent with his decision to become a Gupta agent with information to enable the Guptas to position themselves favorably in relation to Eskom’s affairs in general and the acquisition of Glencore’s coal interests in particular,” states the report.

However, Koko denied that he and other executives were Gupta agents who broke down Eskom for the benefit of the disputed family.

He also criticized Zondo for not reading his affidavit in response to the allegations about Eskom and said he had doomed the national prosecutor’s office.

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