Oct 4, 2022

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‘I would have said to him, happy birthday’: Dad of boy who fell into manhole opens up about his pain

The heartbroken father of five-year-old Khayalethu Magadla, who fell into a manhole in Soweto on June 12, has spoken openly about the pain he feels for his missing son, who would have turned six on Monday.

Khayalethu fell into an open manhole while playing with friends at Eco Park in Dlamini.

He spoke to the media for the first time at the operations center recently set up by the emergency services in Johannesburg On Monday, Kholekile Magadla revealed his agony.

Magadla, who appeared emotionally drained, said that when Johannesburg Mayor Mpho Phalatse visited his family last week, he asked that the search team take the Search continues until the boy is found.


“I’ll get there. I hope they will find the boy because when I look it is very difficult. But with God’s [help] we will find him,” he said.

He has been overseeing the search since it began last Monday.

The problem seemed to be well known to the authorities didn’t know the exact location of the sewage system’s pipes – where they went and where they crossed – and spotted them as they moved along the line, making the search difficult.

“They discovered while searching. That will be difficult because of the plumbing plan, I don’t think they have it. I’m not sure, but as it happens I can see some of the holes they uncover while searching.

“I have a feeling it’s going to be a long procedure for them, to find him, but they will find him. I think he’s here, that’s how I feel right now,” he said.

On Monday, Khayalethu would have celebrated. Magadla said it was painful and they bought him a cake.

“I would have said to him, ‘Happy birthday boy’ and bought him a cake and told him I loved him so much love. as always.”

Johannesburg EMS spokesman Robert Mulaudzi said he was aware the search would take a long time. “Yes, we still hope to find him, so here we are. We will continue the search until we reach the fission chamber and search that area,” he said.

The search started where the child fell into the manhole and continued along the pipeline.

p>< p>“We are trying to eliminate any uncertainty along the pipeline,” said Mulaudzi

“Yesterday [Sunday], when we arrived at the fourth shaft, we discovered four other shafts that we have explored . We managed to deploy our technology along these four wells and we tried to locate blockages along these pipelines but unfortunately it was not positive.

“If we fail in all these areas, To locate the boy, from this side we will go further up towards the fission chamber, from the ventilation shaft to the fission chamber. We have about two shafts left to explore.

“The main goal now is to clear all uncertainties for the conduit to flow. If there is an obstacle, we remove it. If we manage to locate the boy, then we will.”

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