Dec 5, 2022

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Ian Cameron failed to render same respect he was given, says Cele on his public outburst

Police Minister Bheki Cele admitted on Friday that both he and activist Ian Cameron could have dealt “better” with their violent public outburst.

“He doesn’t have the same reaction and respect shown that was given to him when all were listening. It can’t be that you give your speech and everyone listens to you, and when people respond, you stand up and bang the tables,” Cele said.

During a media briefing on the July 2021 riots in Pretoria the minister was asked if it was acceptable for a member of the executive to speak to members of the public in the way he did when replying to Cameron earlier this week.

Reported on Tuesday TimesLIVE that Cele lost his composure in Gugulethu when Cameron, a community security director at the Action Society, questioned the police’s failure to fight crime.

Cele attended a community police engagement in Gugulethu attended when Cameron was given the opportunity to speak.

The Minister did not take Cameron’s testimony well and told him that he had not engaged in human rights struggles yesterday. Later, when Cameron tried to reply, Cele repeatedly told him to “shut up” and told him to “listen” or “get out” before Cameron was pushed out by one of the police officers at the venue.

< p>It was reported that Cameron intended to institute proceedings against the police and Cele following the outbreak.

Cele explained his version of events and said he was attending a meeting in his constituency in Nyanga to around a wide range of societal issues.

“Thirty organizations in the community, not in the city of Cape Town, have been invited to plan an imbizo to talk about all the issues because you rather run this office as an MP as a member of management.”

Cele said that Cameron, who was not invited to attend the meeting, was given the opportunity to speak.

“The problem here is that it must be explained that [although] he was not invited n was given a full opportunity and he really did talk and say things for a while,” Cele said.

He said everyone did, but Cameron listened when he could answer him , Cameron apparently interrupted.

“The problem isn’t what he said. When I answered, the Lord stood up and caused chaos. It says in the score that he was asked to sit and listen because the house and I gave him full respect and listened to him say everything without anyone replying.

“The call was to sit down and listen because you were given the same respect of being listened to and no one bothered you. That’s the only thing that happened there. The robust Whatever… could have happened better [with] both people showing respect to each other.”

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