Feb 7, 2023

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‘If garlic and onions were to engage in factionalism, you’d die of hunger’ — Shilowa takes jab at chef Mboweni

Former Gauteng Premier MbhazimaShilowa has commented on Tito Mboweni’s attitude towards factions, joking that the ‘Cooking Minister’ would starve if the ingredients in his kitchen formed factions.< /p>

It all started when Mboweni started a debate by claiming that factionalism in politics is nothing new.

“Factionalism and demagogy are nothing new in politics. Why do you think Brutus, Casca and Cassius killed Julius Caesar? Why did Dingaan and his brother kill uShaka? It’s in the nature of the animal,” he claimed.

While many appreciated his comments, Shilowa led the conversation to Mboweni’s antics in the kitchen.

” Imagine Imagine Garlic, Onions and Tomatoes getting involved in faction battles! You would die of hunger,” he joked.

Mboweni took it easy and suggested “a conference to discuss how to cook a good meal”.< /p>

One of the invitees, media personality RediTlhabi, joked that she would not be in attendance.

“I will not be attending. Your stance on the matter drives me to violence and I don’t trust myself.”

Shilowa, who was also invited to attend the “conference,” later urged those who urged to cheer up all kitchen talk.

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