Dec 5, 2022

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Ill health of accused delays State Security Agency fraud trial

The trial of State Security Agency (SSA) employee Thuso Oesi has been postponed to July 18 by the Pretoria Specialty Court for Economic Crimes.

Oesi, who worked in the IT department, is said to have R1m from the agency.

He did not appear in court on Tuesday, when the trial was expected to begin, but filed a medical certificate through his legal counsel.

He appeared at the first Mal in court in April last year.

He was reported to face 28 charges including theft and fraud, and alleged tampering with IT systems to purse his pockets in 2019 and 2020 fill.

According to the state, Oesi, who had worked for the agency for more than 10 years, allegedly created fake prepayment authorizations in his favor for training courses he never attended.

He allegedly demanded the transfer of the payments to his personal Public bank account.

TimesLIVE previously reported that, as charged, Oesi – who earns just over R46,000 a month at the agency – tampered with the system twice to change his salary. In one month he earned R80,268 and the second time more than tripled to R174,141.

National Prosecutor’s Office spokeswoman Lumka Mahanjana said the case was postponed because the defendant failed to appear on Tuesday Court was for health reasons.

“A medical certificate was submitted by his legal representative,” she said.

Oesi was suspended by the agency. However, he has been back at work since October, according to SSA spokeswoman Mava Scott.

In another case involving the agency, former SSA finance clerk Kgaogelo Bopape was charged with stealing R170,000 was sentenced to six years in prison in April of this year.

In April 2020 , Bopape withdrew R500,000 on the pretext that she would give the funds to members of the SSA to do the work. She then kept the money in a locked safe in her office and later took R170,000 which she used for her own benefit.

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