Jun 18, 2021

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Investigation launched after principal accused of verbally abusing teachers is thrown out of office by angry parents

Gauteng’s education department has opened an investigation into a dispute between the school principal and the school board of Laerskool Theresapark.

This follows the widespread dissemination of a video on social media on Thursday showing the Die Headmistress was forcibly kicked out of her office, allegedly by a group of parents.

The headmistress is accused of berating fellow teachers at the school and also bankrupting the school.

In that In the video, the headmistress – wearing jeans, a flowery shirt and a surgical mask – is being worn by a group of people while she is sitting on a black chair. The headmistress then seems to lose her balance or is upset and falls to the floor.

Gauteng training MEC Panyaza Lesufi said the violent and disruptive behavior of the parents was unacceptable and should be condemned / p>

Lesufi stressed that parents have every right to be harmed if they believed that the headmaster was not working in the school’s best interests, but that they should not take matters into their own hands.

“No complaint can be made justify the use of force against one of our teachers. It’s just not negotiable. In addition, there are legally mandated processes and procedures that parents can use if they have problems with school principals. We cannot condone this unacceptable behavior, “said Lesufi.

Department spokesman Steve Mabona said that, according to information available to them, the district leadership and intervention team were dispatched to deal with the dispute between the headmaster and the parents to mediate.

“We are investigating the allegations that have been made against the headmaster and the school management. We will communicate the result as soon as the investigations are completed. We monitor the situation closely and ask the parents not to behave in this way, otherwise we have no choice but to take drastic steps. We urge parents to direct the complaints to us and leave the schoolchildren to study, ”said Lesufi