Dec 9, 2021

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Is it really a Black Friday special? We used this online tool to find out

Black Friday is just around the corner and South Africans are preparing their wallets and budgets to spend (and hopefully save) on essential items like appliances and groceries.

Online retailer Takealot is owned to the retailers who make it big on the annual shopping holidays and have already released some of their specials.

But how do you know if the special you’re seeing now or on Black Friday is one is a real bargain or just inflation? and discounts?

Software developer Ashton Hudson developed the price tracking service Serval to help consumers estimate the cost of products at Takealot over several months to see whether they really achieve a “one-time” deal.

How does it work?

The tool compares the listing value of items and their current price . The list price refers to the “real cost” of an item and the current price is the “special price” at which it is sold. The tool also enables consumers to check the price history of an item since July or whenever it was offered by the company.

We compared five products that are now on sale “early” at Takealot access “Black Friday deals and tried to see if they represent a saving.

Remember that Takealot’s full Black Friday deals won’t be released until Friday and the retailer announced beforehand has limited control over third-party pricing on its website.

We compared products that Takealot has for sale, rather than those it meets for third parties.

< strong> HISENSE 65-inch SMART TV

Offer price: 14,999 R

Current price: 11,899 R

Verdict: This television peaked at R 13,999 on October 19, which also became an on increase in list price by R 1,000 resulted. A day or two later it fell to R 12,499 and the list price to R 13,999.

On November 1, it fell to R 2 11,999, but rose again to 13,699 just before the last “Special” last Friday R. The price fell again to R 11,999 on Saturday and to R 11,899 on Monday.

Most of the list price was adjusted to R 1,000 to R 2,000 above the current price, but rose before the latest “Special” Present a bigger gap and discount between the two.

For the best bargain, get the TV in September when it was listed at R11.499.


List price: R5,949

Current price: R2.699

Verdict: On paper this seems like a massive discount, but a look at the price development over the two months shows that the list price has increased by more than 2 .500 R from R3.399 to R5.949 on October 6th as the price was at R2.799.

The price started rising from late October and hit a high of R3 on November 11th , 699. It stayed there for a week before dropping to R 2,799 and then to R 2,699 on Wednesday.

As with the 65-inch TV, list price skyrocketed as the local price dropped, causing it to the “Special” discount look even more attractive.

For the best bargain, you should have got the set on October 11th, when it cost R2,499.


Offer price: R599

Current price: R399

Verdict: This deal is advertised with a 33% discount. A study of price trends showed that the list price has remained constant since July. The price at which Takealot sells it fluctuated last month from R 499 a month ago to R 399 on November 13th. He stayed. at this level for a few hours before climbing back to R 499.

The price fell to R 399 on Sunday while the list price remained constant.

The price is now low.


List price: R5.099

Sales price : R3.999

Verdict: Both the list and retail price have stayed the same since it was released before this month. The double bathtub is 21% cheaper than the list price, but doesn’t save more than if it were bought at the beginning of this month.


List price: R2,999

Selling price: R1,999

Verdict: As with some of the rest of us This Wi-Fi system has seen some fluctuations since mid-October. It was sold for R2.199 on October 11, before going up to R2.298 a few days later and then going back down a short time afterwards.

It went up to and around R2.399 on October 25th Mark before falling to R1.999 on October 8th. Together with its share price, it rose to R2.388 last Monday.

At the beginning of the week it fell to its previous low of R1 .999, which is where it remains for the moment.