Dec 8, 2022

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Is neck pain a symptom of Covid-19?

Could Covid-19 literally be a pain in the neck?

While there are several known symptoms of Covid-19 including shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, Fever, cough and fatigue, neck pain can also be a sign of infection.

< span>The neck is one of the areas most commonly cited for muscle pain in Covid-19 patients.

A study from The Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery found that that up to 62% of people with Covid-19 reported muscle pain and soreness, while another 10% to 15% experienced joint pain.

A recent study in International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Review and Research found that 10% to 15% of patients complain of muscle and body pain with the development of newer variants of the coronavirus. span>

The pain can persist long after infection.

A recent study in the Das Journal of Infection and Public Health reported that muscle and body aches were the second most common symptoms after recovering from Covid-19. The most persistent symptom is fatigue.

The study surveyed 9,507 patients and sought to understand the “persistent symptoms in Covid-19 patients at least four weeks after the onset of infection, participants ‘ Returning to pre-Covid health and associated risk factors’.

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