Jan 25, 2022

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Is wearing a mask for a long time bad for my health?

Wearing a mask in public has become part of the “new normal” we live, but could wearing a mask for hours pose a threat to our health?

According to the Ministry of Health Das Covering the nose and mouth with a mask for extended periods of time will not cause carbon dioxide poisoning or a lack of adequate oxygen in healthy people. “Healthcare workers routinely wear masks for extended periods of time when performing their duties . ” it noted.

Studies have also found that prolonged use of face masks does not cause carbon dioxide poisoning, dizziness, or other health problems.

If you however, if you have COPD or emphysema, are a heavy smoker or suffer from asthma and have side effects from wearing a mask, you should speak to a doctor .

The Ministry of Health explains that cloth masks offer additional protection against Covid-19 by “reducing the number of microorganisms a person releases into the air”.

“Wearing mass masks ensures that fewer potential virus droplets in the air are released. Wearing a mask will reduce the risk of someone being exposed to the virus. ”

It is important that you wear the correct type of mask to both prevent the virus from spreading and to give you good breathing

While the N95 masks used by doctors and nurses provide additional protection for healthcare workers, cloth masks are recommended for the public.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) says the mask should follow these safety guidelines:

  • The mask should have three layers. The two outer layers are best made of thick woven cotton such as denim, calico, upholstery or Shweshwe. The inner layer is best made of soft cotton so that the The mask is comfortable to wear.
  • The mask should be easy to breathe so that no t-shirt material al and no fabrics that can be washed and ironed in hot water are used.
  • The mask should be square in shape with three folds to help with the fit.
  • The mask should cover from above the nose to below the chin and up to the ears.
  • The mask should be tied behind the head with straps from the top and bottom of the mask or the elastic that goes over ears hanging.

The NICD recommends that you change your masks every time you wear them.

“You will need two masks with that You can wash one and wear one. Wash your mask daily with soap and hot water. The mask is best dried in the sun and ironed. Don’t share your mask with anyone, “it says.