Sep 19, 2021

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‘It was all an act’: Alleged killer cop Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu’s explanation of damning video

Former cop Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu says the incriminating footage she shows telling an undercover cop and would-be killer how to kill her sister and her sister’s five children was just an act.

Ndlovu testified in the Palm Ridge Supreme Court Tuesday that she was trained by Njabulo Kunene and told exactly what to say – the man who told police Ndlovu hired him to carry out the murder of her sister, Joyce and her five children. The youngest of the children was just five months old at the time.

“All of the answers I gave were given to me by Njabulo before we met [the undercover cop] when they met met to get me from the hospital, “said Ndlovu.

Judge Ramarumo Monama sought clarity.

” Do I understand you correctly that Njabulo Kunene told you to react in this way? “

Ndlovu replied:“ Yes, you understood me correctly. That’s what i said I gave these answers in the clip, but I responded this way because I was told to answer like that myself for that day. He told me this on the same day, on March 7th, 2018 after I met him at the gate of the hospital.

“Njabulo and I stood there discussing how I should react. He said the driver was a thug and would agree to take us to Bushbuckridge only if he knew we were going to do something that would bring us money. I was trained by Njabulo to answer that way, “Ndlovu told the court.

” Njabulo had no money for us to travel to Bushbuckridge. “

The video, to which it relates is part of the state’s lawsuit against it. Ndlovu is charged with murdering five of her relatives and lovers in order to redeem funeral and life insurance policies that were taken out on her behalf. Ndlovu reportedly took in more than 1.4 million R.R. from his policy payouts.

This video was recorded after Kunene told police that he was being harassed by Ndlovu, who was himself had demanded that he take the hit. The police set up a stabbing operation that resulted in them placing a tape recorder in the car and arresting Ndlovu to explain how they wanted to kill the six.

In the video, she gives clear instructions that the Family are burned alive in their home, saying that guns and knives should not be used. She said the use of guns would make the deaths suspicious and cause her problems if she tried to redeem the insurance policies. Ndlovu goes on to state that she wants to kill the children so there will be no witnesses.

Only when the policies are paid off could she pay them for the job, she said in the video.

< But in her defense, Ndlovu said on Tuesday, "If you look closely at the clip, you will find that I am not initiating a conversation anywhere, and that's because Njabulo taught me how to respond." p>

“He told me the driver would ask me this and that.”

Ndlovu said the purpose of their trip to Bushbuckridge that day was to give Njabulo and his sister Cebisile Kunene to a traditional healer she knew in the area.

She said she had left the hospital she had been admitted to a few days earlier to help her friend.

However, Njabulo testified that he was arrested by Ndlovu a few years ago for possession of weapons. He said that he had met with Ndlovu a few years later, who told him to help her now, since she had helped him then.

Njabulo first said that Ndlovu had him and his friend Lakhiwe . wanted Mkhize to kill a woman named Gladys Nomasonto Ndlovu, who lived in Thembisa.

When unsuccessful, she urged her to kill her other relatives.

Mkhize testified that Ndlovu wanted him to kill her elderly mother Maria Mushwana, but he couldn’t.

The process continues.