May 29, 2022

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‘It’s always a big hit,’ says FlySafair after selling 31,700 R8 tickets, more than 1-million people in ‘waiting room’

FlySafair says it sold 31,713 tickets during its annual mega sell-off, with hopeful travelers buying tickets for R8s on non-Mauritius domestic flights.

Chief Marketing Officer Kirby Gordon told TimesLIVE on Thursday morning that the top Cape destinations were Town, Joburg and Durban, with “fair demand” for flights to Gqeberha and East London in the Eastern Cape.

“This is the sixth time we have run this offer and it is always great blow. It’s clear it’s serving us well, which is why we’re continuing to do it,” he said.

FlySafair was among the top trending Twitter events and was inundated with replies from travelers who have stayed at the Bid scored, and by those who camped out in the waiting room for hours without success.

Gordon said it was a pleasant sight to watch South Africans participate in the auction and talk about it online.

“There’s usually a lot of buzz about this and the interaction we’re getting through social media is incredible. We’re always amazed at how creative and fun South Africans are.”

FlySafair announced it would sell 30,000< span>tickets, but ended up selling more than announced.

Tickets were only available online through the FlySafair website.

“We always sell A few more than we announce to make sure we live up to all expectations. There were just over 1,070,000 in our waiting room so the response was huge,” Gordon said.

Sanele Gumede and Nyasha McBride Mpani told TimesLIVE that they are among the 32,000 lucky travelers were among those who scored cheap tickets from the sale.

Gumede, who flies frequently to Durban, bought a one-way ticket from Johannesburg to Durban for July.

I queued at 9am and gave up at 2pm. Everyone in the office was still camping out on the premises, asking me to go back. I went back to the waiting room at 3:15pm and was selected and bought the ticket at 3:48pm.

“I travel all the time, but I’ve never been so lucky. I think the cheapest flight I’ve ever gotten was probably FlySafair’s R299 flight about three or four years ago,” said Gumede.

Mpani, based in Cape Town flies frequently to Cape Town East London. He was in the waiting room for over seven hours.

“I only got a ticket to East London. I waited from 9am and only managed to buy the ticket around 4:49pm. This was the first time I bought the tickets at a huge discount,” said Mpani.

The airline had its first sale in August 2015, a year after its maiden flight and sold 30,000 tickets for R1 each. In 2016, 15,000 tickets were sold for R2, and in 2018, 30,000 tickets were sold for R4 each. The following year, 45,000 tickets were sold for R5s each.

Can hopeful travelers expect more annual sales in the future? Possibly, said Gordon.

“We’ve tried to do the sale every year, but the pandemic has obviously gotten in the way for the last two years. We’d love to do it again in 2023, but we could spice it up a bit by trying something different.”

Missed the big sale? The airline is currently offering a 15% discount until the end of March next year.

Here’s a look at some of the reactions shared on social media:

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