Oct 23, 2021

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‘It’s bad, it’s bad’: Police officer testifies how Nathaniel Julies was shot

A police officer who was present when teenage Nathaniel Julies was fatally shot and killed in Eldorado Park last year explained how a plan was allegedly hatched immediately after his death to make it look like Julies was in a gang shootout caught in the crossfire.

Const Mandla Dumisane Sithole testified on Tuesday how the police entered Eldorado Park on August 26th last year on the day of the fatal shooting.

He is a witness in the trial of Const Caylene Whiteboy, Sgt Simon Ndyalvane and Sgt Vorster Netshiongolo, who are implicated in the murder of the 16-year-old boy with Down syndrome.

On Monday, Whiteboy and Ndyalvane pleaded not guilty of the murder . Ndyalvane and Netshiongolo also pleaded not guilty of improper possession of ammunition.

All defendants must also be guilty of disregard of justice, while Netshiongolo is charged with perjury.

Sithole said That day, he asked for a lift from Ndyalvane to buy food.

After visiting a few stores, Ndyalvane – who was with Whiteboy, Sithole and two other student cops – drove to the Eldorado Park after learning that a truck parked in front of Hillbrow Flats was carrying stolen car parts.

When police couldn’t open the back of the truck, they ate the groceries they bought nearby. A shotgun was in her designated police double cabin bakkie.

Sithole said, while they were eating, a boy – Julies – was standing next to the truck.

Although the boy came and pointed , Sithole said he couldn’t hear what he was saying.

“Then Whiteboy said the boy was a 064, which means that he is not well, that he is mentally disabled.”

Sithole told Whiteboy he knew the boy.

Ndyalvane took out a loudspeaker attached to the police vehicle and ordered the boy to leave. “The boy left. He didn’t go long and came back and stood in the same place next to the truck, “Sithole said.

Sithole said Whiteboy took the shotgun.

” I just heard it louder Bang. She took the shotgun and I heard a bang. “

Sithole said when he looked, Whiteboy had the shotgun pointed outside and he saw the boy lying next to the truck.

Sithole said the loud bang came from the police vehicle. When asked what caused the bang, Sithole said he assumed it was a shotgun.

After the shooting, Sithole said Ndyalvane jumped out of the vehicle and hit the boy run up. He picked up the boy.

He said another policeman took them to the rear of the vehicle to open the canopy door and Ndyalvane took Julies in.

“Ndyalvane came back to the car and we asked about the boy. He said, ‘It’s bad, it’s bad,’ “Sithole said.

The police vehicle drove to the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, where Julies was pronounced dead.

” We went looking inside and I saw him lying on a stretcher. He had wounds on his chest and a packet of biscuits in his pocket, “Sithole said.

Sithole said Whiteboy had cried and Ndyalvane informed the officers to drive the police vehicle back to the police station. He said he would be waiting for reinforcements at the scene.

“On the way, Whiteboy picked up the phone and called Ndyalvane and told him that when the commanders arrived he had to inform them that a gang had shot and the deceased got caught in the crossfire. “

The process continues.