Nov 29, 2022

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Jacob Zuma’s legal team to take on prosecutor in private challenge

Former President Jacob Zuma’s legal team says it has prepared its indictment for the private indictment against District Attorney Billy Downer.

This comes after the National Attorney’s Office on Tuesday declined to charge Downer with the charges against him charges brought by Zuma for allegedly disclosing his medical records due to insufficient evidence.

Zuma filed the charges with the Pietermaritzburg Police Station in October.

His foundation announced on Wednesday with the fact thatThe private prosecution must be initiated within three months of the date of the certificate.

“This period expires on September 6, 2022. Prosecution will begin well before that date, as the legal team has already begun with all preparatory work. The draft indictment is ready.”

The foundation wants Downer removed from Zuma’s corruption case when it resumes in August pending the private indictment.

She appealed appealing to the National Director of Public Prosecutions Shamila Batohi to “remove Mr. Downer, soon to be known as Defendant Number One, from the pending trial in the Pietermaritzburg Superior Court so that the matter may at last be brought forward without unavoidable delay .”

Zuma’s previous attempts to remove Downer as chief prosecutor in his trial were unsuccessful, most recently in May when the Supreme Court of Appeals dismissed his case.

Zuma is accused of taking an annual bribe of R500,000 from French arms dealer Thales to protect him from an investigation into the controversial arms deal.

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