Dec 9, 2021

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Joburg matric pupil survives kidnapping attempt while walking to school

An 18-year-old high school graduate survived an alleged kidnapping attempt in Johannesburg on Friday, Gauteng’s Department of Education said.

Department spokesman Steve Mabona said the Sandringham High School student was attending On her way to school when a white Chevrolet limousine with four male occupants drove towards her and one of them allegedly tried to pull her into the vehicle.

The incident occurred near Lyndhurst Primary School .

“However, according to reports, she fought the armed men and yelled, which alerted bystanders and scared the suspects into fleeing the scene.

” A member of staff who happened to be at the scene “said Mabona.

He said the student had received trauma counseling from the department’s psychosocial department.

The matter became the Sandringham Police Station reported.

Earlier this week, two 10th grade high school students in Waverley, Pretoria, were found unharmed after allegedly abducted and drugged after they were allegedly abducted and drugged after school.

The incident took place Mabona said on Tuesday in Mamelodi East when one of the students visited a classmate after school and escorted her to the local clinic.

The students were allegedly attacked by two men in a Mini Cooper who allegedly attacked them Forced into the vehicle, forcing them to use drugs.

Mabona said the girls were once disoriented after using drugs, the men drove them to their homes and asked that they have laptops and steal cell phones for them.

After completing this request, the men drove the girls to a mall and managed to escape.

“We are devastated when we of another en this week We experienced a tour of the provincial tour, but we’re glad this particular attempt failed. Indeed, we must applaud the concerned citizens who managed to step in and help our learner.

“We agreed on this at a meeting we held today with our SGB associations that all screening and scanning procedures must be carried out inside the school premises with immediate effect, “said Panyaza Lesufi, MEC for Education.