Nov 28, 2021

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Joyful reunion as injured dog is well enough to go home

After being brought to the Led Animal Welfare (Claw) community hospital in a wheelbarrow and having spent a few weeks of intensive cage maintenance and rest breaks, the township dog Poison is happily reunited with its enthusiastic owner.

Claw founder Cora Bailey said the mixed breed dog was seriously injured a few weeks ago. His desperate owner, who lives in Braamfischerville near Soweto, loaded him into a wheelbarrow and rushed to the Claw Clinic for help.

“Poison was the cutest dog, but he needed it because of the broken thigh bone urgently a complete “cage to rest. So we booked him in for intensive care, fed him and carried him out when he had to pee, “said Bailey.

” He really was an exemplary patient and an adorable boy. “

After a few weeks of immobility, Poison felt much better from the cage rest and anti-inflammatory drugs, but clearly needed what was missing in his life.

“Yesterday [Monday], Poison was found suitable after “Going home and was overjoyed to see his owner arrive. The reunion made us all choke a tear or two,” said Bailey, describing the joy of the staff as they witnessed the joyful reunion of the owner and his beloved dog.

“The owner is a really good guy, but he’s out of work. So he came here and did a few volunteer jobs to say thank you. And he was so excited to have his dog back.”

On Wednesday morning at 9 o’clock the clinic was ever yet again filled with emergencies.

Claw is in the midst of the settlements it supplies – the communities of Braamfischerville, Matholieville, Sol Plaatjie, Snake Park and others.