Aug 4, 2021

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Just in: Panel recommends postponing Local Elections until 2022

Former Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke presented his findings after being asked by the Independent Electoral Commission to investigate the feasibility of local elections in South Africa this year. On Tuesday, the chairman announced that it “would not be sensible” to continue the voting cycle in October.

Will the local elections in South Africa be postponed this year?

Instead, Moseneke has recommended that the local elections, which should take place in less than three months, not be postponed any further than February 2022. The legal expert came to concludes that the pandemic poses too great a risk for voters:

“After considering all of this stakeholder input, right, research on electoral practice during the Covid-19 pandemic and the science associated with it, we come to the conclusion that it is reasonably not possible or likely that the local elections scheduled for October 2021 will be held fairly and fairly. “

” We go further and find that the W Choices would be free and fair if they took place no later than February 2nd 022. For this year the risk is too high due to the spread of COVID-19 and the possibility of spreading variants. These concerns are heightened as people gather and politicians cannot campaign in their preferred way. ”

Local elections may not take place until ‘2022’

The news is a blow to both the ANC and the DA, which hoped to get these local elections through in good time. Unfortunately, it is now likely that Moseneke’s verdict will be confirmed and the opportunity to vote for local representatives will have to wait a few more months – until more people are vaccinated and the COVID threat has subsided.

  • EFF leader Julius Malema – a longtime proponent of postponing local elections – couldn’t wait to say, “I told you” …