Aug 4, 2021

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JZ Foundation receives affidavit over Jacob Zuma’s R18.2m legal bills

The Jacob Zuma Foundation has confirmed that the prosecutor has received an affidavit stating how much Zuma owes in legal fees.

News24 reported Thursday that Assistant Attorney Isaac Chowe filed an affidavit with the Gauteng Supreme Court that the former president’s legal fees were more than Rand 18.2 million.

The fees relate to this how much Zuma for legal fees in fighting his. has issued a corruption lawsuit.

According to the publication, Chowe said that a subpoena would be issued if payment was not made after a reminder was issued.

< p> On Twitter, the foundation said on Thursday: “ The foundation confirms that the attorneys of our patron, SE Prez Zuma, have approved the public prosecutor’s affidavit regarding legal bills issued during Prez Zuma incurred as president of the RSA. The legal team will ask Prez Zuma for further instructions. ”