Jan 27, 2023

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Knorr recalls ‘Cup-a-Soup’ beef and veg lite packs, saying the veg isn’t lite after all

Unilever has recalled boxes of Knorr Cup-a-Soup Beef and Vegetable Lite that have a best before date of BB 22SEPT 23 2082 E.

We have recently discovered that a small number of Knorr ‘Cup-a-Soup Beef and Vegetable Lite’ boxes that we have manufactured incorrectly contain pouches of Knorr ‘Cup-a-Soup Beef and Vegetable Regular’,” said Unilever am Friday.

As a result, the affected herd is not declaring the presence of wheat and gluten as allergens on the box.

“If you are boxing Knorr ‘Cup- a-Soup Beef and Vegetable Lite” marked BB 22SEPT 23 2082 E please do not use these but return the products to your nearest retailer for a refund. Consumers are encouraged to return the products and not dispose of them themselves.”

Unilever said if a consumer is allergic to wheat or gluten and experiences any symptoms after using a pouch of Knorr “Cup-a-Soup Beef and Vegetable Lite” from the affected batch, they must contact their doctor and inform the Unilever SA Consumer Care Hotline on 0860 331 441.

Unilever said no other “Cup-a-Soup” or Knorr Products are affected by this recall.

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