Sep 21, 2021

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KZN government says five municipalities are ready to roll out Aarto

The government of KwaZulu-Natal says five municipalities in the province are ready to implement the traffic offense management system (Aarto), but prosecutors are not convinced.

The announcement was made on one Provincial level made executive council meeting on Wednesday.

A statement released by Prime Minister Sihle Zikalala’s office said the provincial cabinet had received a report on the start of implementation of Aarto – a point system for traffic offenses or road traffic violations – related violations.

“The Executive Board noted that the parishes of eThekwini, Msunduzi, uMhlathuze, Newcastle, Ray Nkonyeni, Alfred Duma and KwaDukuza have been identified as ready to implement the Aarto system.”

The Executive Board said it applauds “Aarto’s good intentions, which include improving driver behavior and encouraging drivers to be law-abiding citizens and causing traffic accidents to reduce cases “.

But he gave cause for concern about the recommendation for the Aarto ery train station” may only be obtained from state printers for a fee “.

According to the Executive Council,” will this move will undermine the potential outsourcing of jobs that could flow to the province when supplies are in KwaZulu-Natal. To increase willingness to participate, but also to educate people thoroughly about the Aarto system. “

The prosecutor in KwaZulu-Natal said it was” concerned “with the announcement by the provincial government about the introduction of Aarto taken.

“The public prosecutor welcomes any initiative to promote safe driving on our roads, which in turn will reduce accidents. Far too many innocent lives have already died on our streets and Aarto is a start in dealing with this carnage.

“However … another vehicle and driver’s license deficit?

“Approval has been a problem in the KZN for several years, which has only increased due to Covid-19, but the department does not seem to be able to offer solutions.

” The KZN’s driver license training centers are currently overwhelmed and either close their doors due to positive Covid-19 cases or simply cannot serve the huge queues. This has not only led to enormous frustration among road users, but also to the fact that more and more law-abiding citizens drive without a corresponding driver’s license. ”

The DA called for the introduction of an online renewal system for vehicles and drivers’ licenses to alleviate the situation.

“If Aarto has a chance of success in our province and is to reduce the number of road deaths, the transport department must first focus on license arrears. If this doesn’t happen, the system is doomed to failure, “said the prosecutor.