Nov 28, 2021

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KZN man tells of multiple assaults by groups in Phoenix during July unrest

A resident of KwaMashu in KwaZulu-Natal told the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) hearing about the July riot how he was badly attacked by various groups of Indian men who had blocked the Phoenix Highway.

Mbuso Xaba said he was looking for a gas station in the area when he and three young men he was traveling with were ambushed by a group of Indian men who had blocked the highway. He was near the gas station when they were attacked.

“I never got to the gas station. I saw a group of Indians blocking the road. They told me to come closer. As I got closer, an old Indian came up to me and asked where I was going. I got out of the vehicle while the three young men I was with stayed in the car. “

He said the old man asked him if he was going to Phoenix to loot. < / p>

“I told him we were there to put gas in the car. He told me to go back to the car. When I got into the car, a few seconds later many Indian young men came up to us with guns, ”said Xaba.

He said the men carried baseball bats, guns, axes and machetes. He said the firearms were automatic rifles and shotguns.

“They pelted the car with stones. Some hit the car with axes. They told us we were Zuma’s dogs. They called us Ka ** irs. They said we were nearby to loot.

“They got me out of the vehicle and hit me with baseball bats. The other group attacked the young men I was with.

“I was shocked and confused about why these people attacked us. We told them we weren’t looting, and I said they could check the car, “said Xaba.

When they fled, they saw another group of Indian men a few meters after the first roadblock also blocked the road.

Xaba said he was hit in the head with a brick.

“They looked happy and laughed at us.”

Xaba said a white limousine showed up while he was on the ground.

“Two Indian police officers got out [of the vehicle]. At first I couldn’t tell if they were policemen because they were wearing plain clothes and their car was not marked. The officers told the group to let us go. “

He said the men he believed were police officers told him to get in the car and drive away.

“I asked them to come with me, but they refused. The car was damaged and I was surprised it could still move. “

According to Xaba, they did not tell them to go to the police or offer to take them away.

” You They just told me to get in the car and drive off or I would die. ”

Xaba said on the way to the police station he saw another group attack two black men in a white hatchback

“I realized I couldn’t get to the police station, so I didn’t go that way.”

Xaba said he was attacked again by another group been. The same group attacked an elderly woman who was carrying a shopping bag.

The hearing continues.