Jan 31, 2023

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Lack of arrests of July unrest instigators reflects ‘failed governance’ — NGO

The lack of arrests of those who instigated and encouraged violent criminal activity during last July’s unrest is a reflection of failed governance.

This is according to the NGO Active Citizens Movement ( ACM) marks the fall anniversary of the catastrophic events in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng for the first time.

The organization told TimesLIVE it is concerned that a year after the unrest, “the political and social conditions in our country are still the same or, in fact, are worsening.”

“The instigators of the violence have still not been charged – increasing the likelihood of a recurrence of civil unrest.

“The shortage of arrests and action taken against those who have instigated and encouraged violent criminal activity is a reflection of so many failed aspects of governance that depend on the delivery of service Services range from public administration to the police and judiciary.”

It called for criminal proceedings against the accused Phoenix murders should be accelerated for all Our families must be closed and communities must be truthed go.

“The uprising has exposed gross injustice, and little effort has been made to collect accounts from communities to find a way forward.

“During the hearings of the SA Human Rights Commission shed light on the violence, it may have overlooked the impact on ordinary citizens.

“What we have found is that we are still a racially fragmented society with a breakdown in trust and trust Morality between people who have to live and work together. The social cohesion that existed between communities has broken down and will require a great deal of determination and commitment from everyone involved to be rebuilt.

“The disruption of the food chain was not limited to the time of the riots. Even now, a year later, it continues. The overcrowding of available malls, the cost of getting there, the continued proliferation of food and fuel have created layers of trauma and hardship for individuals and households.

“It is imperative that we as nation to deal with the issue of violence in all its forms. To deal with violence, we need to talk about impunity and strengthen accountability at all levels. Recent tavern deaths in the Eastern Cape and murders in Orlando, Katlehong and Pietermaritzburg indicate that brutal crime is indeed worsening.”

But the ACM underscored the determination and solidarity shown by communities and NGOs gave hope to South Africans by joining forces to provide shelter, food and other aid and support across racial and color lines.

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