Jun 13, 2021

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Lawyers for ‘Nafiz Modack Enterprise’ hear clients charged with 3,000 offences

The “Nafiz Modack Enterprise” faces 3,121 charges including murder, extortion, intimidation, attempted murder and cell phone pinging.

Defense attorneys for the seven founding accused A section of Modack Enterprise finally received a detailed indictment on Wednesday specifying the times and dates of the crimes allegedly committed by their customers.

More than 30 cases relate to the murder the anti-gang group in Cape Town, Detective Lt-Col Charl Kinnear, while the rest relate to illegally wiretapping or colloquially referred to as “pinging” a cell phone to track its location.

In this case, the alleged attempted access grenade attack consolidates Kinnear’s house. Modack’s co-defendants Janick Adonis, Amaal Jantjies and anti-gang unit sergeant Ashley Tabisher allegedly helped Modack start the attack.

< Adonis and Jantjies allegedly planned several attacks on Kinnear in November 2019. Jantjies allegedly also corrupted Tabisher, who was supposed to provide Modack with information about planned raids by the anti-gang unit on one of its properties.

A bail Tabisher’s motion was due to go to Blue Downs Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday but was postponed when a Covid-19 case resulted in the court’s closure.

Although some of the defense lawyers assumed they were Have accepted the state’s latest detailed indictment as sufficient for them to file a formal bail on Monday, others may request more details on the state’s case.

Appendices in state’s latest indictment contain the site e, where Modack and his co- Defendant Zane Killian reportedly established when they pinged underworld rivals, alleged extortion victims and police officers.

Hundreds of pings were made in the case of attorney William Booth led to his attempted murder at his home in Higgovale in April 2020.

Kinnear was pinged thousands of times until he was murdered outside his home in Bishop Lavis in September 2020. Then the ping stopped.

The case was postponed to Monday.