Oct 18, 2021

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Leg chains and a fresh hairstyle for Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu as murder trial resumes in new courtroom

Former policewoman Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu complained of pain from being shackled on Monday while on trial in Johannesburg’s Supreme Court.

The murder trial had previously been heard in high Court in Palm Ridge. The case was moved to Johannesburg because the judge had other cases to deal with in that courtroom.

Ndlovu groaned and groaned as she walked up the stairs from the cells to enter the courtroom.

When her matter was called, she walked slowly through the courtroom, hands on hips.

The shackles on her feet clinked as she walked through the almost silent courtroom. A blanket covered her legs.

“The leg irons around my legs are tight, my temperature is rising and I am in pain. I’m not sure I can testify that way, ”Ndlovu told the court.

Judge Ramarumo Monama responded, saying the court could not be involved in risk management issues.

State Attorney Riana Williams told the court that for safety reasons, although they could be loosened, they could not completely remove the leg cuffs.

The court officials loosened the cuffs slightly. Ndlovu then took her place and began giving her testimony.

During the trial on Monday, Ndlovu wore a new hairstyle. She had cornrows.

Williams started by asking Ndlovu about the death of her niece Zanele Motha, who died during her visit in June 2016.

Motha is one of six people who allegedly lost her life at Ndlovu’s hands – allegedly so that she could redeem funeral and life insurance policies she had taken out on her behalf.

Five of her alleged victims were relatives while the sixth was her lover.


The ex-policewoman allegedly collected more than 1.4 million rand in insurance claims after the death of her relatives.

The case continues.