Nov 28, 2021

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Life sentence for taxi operator who shot policeman in Eastern Cape

The Supreme Court in Mthatha has sentenced Odwa Sqandulo Songca to life imprisonment for the brazen murder of a police officer in KwaBhaca (formerly Mount Frere) in April 2018.

Sgt Phumzile Michael Ntando was in the upper body, after parking his vehicle around midnight on April 7th.

Songca, 27, was sitting in another vehicle parked behind Ntando and when he saw him arrive said, “Here is the dog, “referring to the policeman.

Before the murder, Songca, who operated a taxi, had complained to his friends and witnesses that Ntando and one of his colleagues were making him difficult because of his criminal activities and that he would kill her.

Songca pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and illicit possession of a gun and ammunition.

There was evidence that he was investigating some prior to Ntando’s murder of the cases for which the accused was arrested.

Nt Ando wanted to be charged against these statements in these cases.

The first case concerned allegedly stolen property – an engine of a motor vehicle. The second case involved vehicle hijacking.

A traditional healer testified that Songca arrived at his home after the murder and told him that he had killed Ntando with a gun. The healer then called the police.

When Ntando was sentenced to life imprisonment, Judge Mbulelo Jolwana said the audacity of the murder of the police officer in the middle of the city was shocking.

< p> “It is common for there to be many other vehicles in which the deceased arrived and parked his vehicle. The deceased must have assumed that he was safe there, precisely because of the other vehicles that were there, ”said Jolwana in his judgment last Friday.

The state called on Ntando’s wife to tighten the sentence who testified that she and her husband have two minor children, and his mother, 88, was badly affected by the murder of her son.

Jolwana said it was heartbreaking to hear that the widow and their children allegedly received no financial assistance from the police more than three years later in addition to the loss of a loved one, in accordance with its policies and regulations.

Ntando’s wife said the family had not received any advice. < / p>

“That must mean that no one can see the real effects of the trauma of their father’s death on the two underage children,” said Jolwana