Jun 18, 2021

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Lindiwe Sisulu accused of ‘hiring influencers’ to promote her work

If you’re a frequent twitter user in Mzansi, you’ve likely seen one of your favorite accounts tweeting about the Department of Settlement’s rather nondescript budget vote – or # DHSBudgetVote2021. It’s not the usual type of post you would expect from our influencers, and it has sparked a wave of criticism against Lindiwe Sisulu.

Lindiwe Sisulu accused of having” paid off “influencers

The minister, who was already in some bad books due to the Cuban engineering saga, gave her widely published speech on Tuesday. While it was being set up, Twitter accounts spoke to hundreds of thousands of followers about the importance of this particular budget vote, which is a very notable shift towards politics -for-budget-voting-posts “> ‘It’s R200 Twitter!’ – Influencer Ribbed for Budget Vote Posts

Several other accounts followed suit, leading to allegations that she and Sisulu The Department had paid some of the biggest social media stars in the domestic game to do the speech to get going. A leader of the SA movement, Mmusi Maimane, quipped funny that those involved were part of ‘R200 Twitter’.

Lindiwe Sisulu praises” amazing achievements “in the field of free living.

In the budget vote, which usually takes place without fanfare, Lindiwe Sisulu praised the performance of the department since the ANC took power 27 years ago. She described SA as a “world champion” in the provision of free living space.

“Between 1994 and today we were only able to offer more than five million subsidized housing options. We can safely say that no other country has delivered this number of homes free. We are very proud of our achievements. 35.1% of South African households have benefited from government housing interventions. “

” Of 60 million people in our country, we have supported more than 21 million people with housing and housing opportunities. This is an astonishing achievement for a technically young democracy like ours. “ | Lindiwe Sisulu