Feb 7, 2023

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LISTEN | ‘City Power is open for business’: Joburg hosts its first Energy Indaba

Johannesburg Acting Mayor Mpho Phalatse said R26 billion is needed to repair City Power’s infrastructure, but the total capital budget is R7.7 billion, which includes not only electricity but other infrastructure such as water and roads.

“The city alone cannot solve the energy problems in Johannesburg.”

She spoke at the first Joburg Energy Indaba on Monday .

The event will last through Tuesday and will serve as the city’s SOS for energy professionals to help with solutions and innovation that will keep the country’s economic hub thriving during the ongoing energy crisis.

< p>LISTEN | “City Power is open for business”: Johannesburg hosts its first Energy Indaba

Phalatse said in their opening statement that Eskom has “put the country through a Stage 2 load shedding” in recent days. daily between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m..

She said in 2020 the amount of electricity produced by the striking entity fell below 2004 levels.

“I need you do not recall the tariff increases imposed on the end user and it is known that Eskom’s price path is not sustainable for the end user.

“This is having a devastating impact on our plans as a city, because without Our city economy cannot reach its true potential without cheap and reliable electricity.”

The mayor said that in order for the city to meet the necessary requirements in the shortest possible time, cooperation is needed.

“Therefore, public-private partnerships are seen as the most viable way forward. This aligns with our fourth priority for a business-friendly city.

“The energy sector in general, including embedded generation, energy storage and smart grids, could mobilize huge investments in our city and enable us to create the Jobs we desperately need.”

She said the following energy options were being considered:

  • Gas and the associated infrastructure strong> – The city is working to build infrastructure in anticipation of the gas market. They want gas to displace the use of electricity for cooking and heating.
  • Renewable energy, including solar energy – The city has been advised to be proactive in providing alternative energy solutions. This includes the use of storage technologies based on battery systems or other options. Small-scale embedded generation from biomass, biogas and MSW are areas with great potential for creating a circular economy around waste management.
  • Hydrogen Economy – South Africa has all the primary energy needed Sources for a hydrogen economy, including an abundance of platinum and other catalysts needed for hydrogen fuel cell development.
  • Smart Grids – City Power has launched smart meters as part of a platform for smart grid systems. For a balanced and secure interconnected grid to operate sustainably, intermittent power generators must be integrated and controlled by intelligent technologies that allow bi-directional power flow between a generator and a load.

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