Sep 20, 2021

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LISTEN | Cyril Ramaphosa’s vaccine passport contradiction spotted by many

The Presidency appears to have had a change of heart regarding the possible introduction of a vaccination record.

On Sunday evening, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country was considering introducing vaccination records for certain events. to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Listen to what has been said here:

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“We will provide more information on an approach to vaccination records that can be used as proof of vaccination for various purposes and events. so that people can prove they have been vaccinated, “Ramaphosa said.

However, this move appears to be in direct contrast to a statement made on February 1st when the nation’s president assured the nation that that no freedom of movement would be restricted if they chose not to be vaccinated.

“Nobody is forbidden from going where they want to go, including enrolling in school or participating in public activities when they weren’t vaccinated, “he said at the time.

This contradiction was noticed by many South Africans and has resulted in #VaccinePassport on the rise on various social media platforms, with people criticizing the contradiction or defend the adjusted stance of the presidency.