Mar 22, 2023

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LISTEN | Eastern Cape Liquor Board cites staffing issues after Enyobeni tavern tragedy

The Eastern Cape Liquor Board has cited staffing issues following the tragic and mysterious death of 21 youths at the Enyobeni Tavern in the Eastern Cape on June 26th.

The Venue, which was granted its license in 2012, had failed to comply with several provisions of the Alcohol Act, including those related to the change in the original structure of the facility.

According to board spokesman Mgwebi Msiya, a lack of staff has impacted how the board oversees compliance at liquor stores like Enyobeni Tavern.

“We have very few liquor inspectors. We have 16 inspectors to look after 7,500 liquor stores in the province,” Msiya said.


Despite many calls for closure Speaking at the Tavern and other liquor stores in Scenery Park, East London, Msiya said the law must run its course and the board will do everything in its power to strengthen its enforcement capacity, including working with stakeholders such as the police and other law enforcement agencies.

The mass burial service for the victims of the tavern will be held on the sports field in Scenery Park on Wednesday.

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