Aug 8, 2022

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LISTEN | Eskom restores Parys power but warns of impending blackouts

Power has been restored to the local community of Ngwathe in the Free State, but Eskom has warned there remains a risk of congestion.

On Friday, a congestion caused the community to trip and damage Eskom network, leaving < span>Parys and Vredefort without power and water outages while the municipality worked to raise the money to fulfill their promise to pay for the repairs.

Ngwathe, which has an Eskom debt of R1.54 billion, paid R1.1 million for the repairs on Monday.

In a statement Tuesday morning, Eskom said that a further blackout was needed to repair damaged transformer bushings caused by the overload.

The embattled utility said it had warned the community about the danger of the overload since 2018, but the “municipality has not taken the necessary action to to minimize this risk dern”.

< p>Power came back on Monday around 8.30pm – four days later – after work to repair parts of Eskom’s network was completed.

Eskom approved the urging affected communities to protect the power system from overload, stressing that Monday’s repairs only concerned restoration of service.

“However, another outage will be required to repair the transformer bushings that were also damaged by the overload. Details of this outage will be communicated to the community.”

To outline the issues in the community, Eskom said it informed Ngwathe in August 2021 and April 2022 that the community would be liable for all Damage to Eskom’s network “due to their negligence”.

“The municipality agreed to this condition and Eskom submitted a quote to the municipality on Friday for the necessary repairs due to the congestion. The municipality only paid the R1.1 million spent on the repairs.

“Although power has been restored, the risk of an overload and subsequent similar incidents remains.

“The local community of Ngwa is once again urged to apply for a service upgrade. In addition, the municipality must enter into an agreement to pay off its R1.54 billion overdue debt and abide by that agreement.”

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