Mar 22, 2023

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LISTEN | Eskom technicians under attack by thieves

Eskom technicians are increasingly being targeted by criminals – and local residents needing help with power repairs will suffer the consequences.

In Mabopane and Soweto, three attacks on Eskom technicians have within as many days took place. the electric utility announced on Thursday.

A technician was stabbed to death on Wednesday while he and his colleagues were installing meters in Nomzamo, Soweto.

“The technician who was hit in the face and breast, was treated at a medical facility and is recovering at home,” Eskom said.

Three armed thieves also attacked Eskom technicians working in Mabopane Block E on Tuesday. The perpetrators claimed the technicians’ wallets and cell phones and drove off in an unmarked vehicle.

In another incident in Mabopane, a technician was robbed of a cell phone and money at a substation.

Kith Maitisa, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Manager at Eskom in Gauteng, said:“We condemn such acts of violence against our employees in Gauteng, where they are often attacked, intimidated and put into extreme situations , such as hostage-taking by some community members.

“This community display of aggression and violence often results in staff suffering from post-traumatic injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety. It is also causing delays in repair work and project completion, further increasing the amount of time residents will be without power.”

Eskom asked the public to contact the Kriminal hotline.

“We have reported all these incidents to SAPS and will cooperate with the police to help with the investigation,” said Maitisa.

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