Mar 22, 2023

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LISTEN | Forget R50m, Dirco planning to give R350m to Cuba: AfriForum

AfriForum’s campaign strategy and content officer, Reiner Duvenage, says court documents in the case filed against the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) show that the total amount of the proposed donation to Cuba was actually R350 million, not R50 million Rand is as originally reported.

Duvenage said this became clear after the civil rights organization’s legal team requested the court transcript as part of its review request.

Listen She what he had to say:

In March, AfriForum obtained an emergency injunction to delay the donation when Judge J. Neukircher of the Pretoria Supreme Court found that Cuba did not want funds, but for humanitarian aid in the form of medical supplies and food.

Last week the same court rejected Dirco’s appeal of the AfriForum ban. However, Minister Naledi Pandor has denied that the country ever planned to give Cuba R50 million in cash and has claimed that it only intends to offer humanitarian aid in honor of the ties built between South Africa and its key international allies.

Cuba is said to be experiencing chronic shortages of food, fuel, medicines and electricity. However, AfriForum argues that the need is more urgent in SA.

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