Jan 20, 2022

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LISTEN | Gauteng’s 700 unplaced pupils will be sorted by month-end: Panyaza Lesufi

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi says there are about 700 students across the province who have not yet been placed in public schools, a big improvement from last year.

“Last year was almost 35,000 students not placed. There are fewer than 700 to be accommodated this year, ”Lesufi said on Wednesday as the inland students returned to school.


He said the department had managed to place the 35,000 students by the end of March last year.

Lesufi assured the parents that the 700 students would be placed by the end of January.

“That Team works to complete the task. It is not due to a lack of planning or a lack of school that students were not placed. We have had hundreds of students who prefer to come to Gauteng to study, “said Lesufi.

He said the province has welcomed 32,000 new students from other provinces.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that most parents prefer Gauteng and public education.”

Lesufi said there were certain schools that parents preferred and as a result the system was clogged because of their preferences.

“We build beautiful schools in townships, but there is this mentality that township schools are bad. The reality is that there is no other trained teacher. I am proud of the quality of the schools we have. ”

He said the ministry is faced with the challenge of parents not believing that their children are getting quality education in township schools. < / p>

“It’s a big battle to change the mentality of people who want to apply for a particular school in town because they like that school’s uniform.

” In this year we will finish the internship before the end of January. We will keep building beautiful schools. We will continue to eradicate mobile and asbestos schools. We will continue to build schools of the future, “said the MEC.

Covid-19 vaccinations

Lesufi said 95% of the teachers in Gauteng are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. < / p>

“We believe we can achieve 98%. We support the appeal by the Minister of Education [Angie Motshekga] that we must work quickly to ensure that our children come to school every day.

“We have to support this appeal responsibly. We have to watch the situation. We have been three years behind the curriculum since Covid-19. The earlier all children come to school, the better. “