Oct 23, 2021

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LISTEN | ‘He is not fit enough to be out in public’: Uncertainty over whether Jacob Zuma will attend ‘welcome prayer’

Since numerous supporters of the former President Jacob Zuma were expected to the People’s Park in the legendary Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on Thursday, it remains to be seen whether the man of the hour will be there himself.

Some family members Speaking to TimesLIVE on Wednesday, said there was confusion over the proposed “welcome prayer” as the former head of state awaited a visit from religious leaders at his homestead in Nkandla, in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal. the same day.

Zuma’s 80 year old brother Joseph said, “I’m not going to Durban. I don’t think he’s going either. He said something about churchgoers who come to pray here at home. I am really not sure what is going to happen. I got a call that they’d be here at 9am. It looks like there are two prayer sessions. I really don’t know. ”

Various churches, traditionalists, musicians and political parties are expected to gather in People’s Park to thank Zuma and celebrate his return after being out of medical last month Reasons to be released from Estcourt Prison.

The 79-year-old was admitted to hospital for medical observation on September 6th. The correctional facility announced at the beginning of September that he would be released on parole for health reasons.

The announcement was made 58 days after his admission as a prisoner to the correctional facility. Zuma began serving his sentence in July after he was found guilty of disregard of court of failure to comply with a Constitutional Court order to comply with a subpoena prior to state investigation for arrest.

He was closed 15th sentenced to months behind bars and spent several weeks incarcerated in the prison’s medical wing before being transferred to an off-site hospital for further treatment Spokesman Singabakho Nxumalo said that if a probation officer moved from one district to another, he had to notify the probation officer.

Nxumalo said he was not free to follow this process because of “probation issues between “are on probation and the correctional department.

During a press conference last week, Mzwanele Manyi, spokesman for the Jacob G Zuma Foundation, said he could not confirm whether Zuma would attend the event.

Listen to what at he had to say:

“Let’s just pray that he’s there, but the situation is still fluid because President Zuma is still on parole, his condition is fluid, so we hope that day the situation will be such that the doctors can allow him to be there, ”he said.

Two Sources close to Zuma, who did not want to be named, said the former president was under discussion. He will not be attending the event after the repair Address Zoom. He won’t be there unless he changes his mind, “said a source.

The other who lives on the homestead said Zuma said he would not be attending the meeting .

“He’s not fit enough to be in public. The last time I spoke to him, he didn’t go. This thing doesn’t make sense. Why should they pray in Durban when they know he is sick in Nkandla? Why didn’t they do it in Nkandla?

“Maybe they’ll put a screen in front of him; he listens to the messages of support and then replies, “said the family member.

If he does, it will be Zuma’s first public appearance since his release. The last time he spoke in public was in Nkandla just before throwing himself up to serve his sentence.

Last Tuesday week, Zuma surprised many when his foundation released a video showing he encouraged South Africans to vote in the upcoming local elections.

Big plans to celebrate his return to kwaDakwadunuse had previously been put on hold because Zuma was apparently ill. Since returning home, TimesLIVE has been told that he is not his “charming and always laughing JZ who is full of jokes”. since he was “poisoned” in 2014, even before he was admitted to the hospital. The Sunday Times previously reported that Zuma had traveled to Russia to confirm the diagnosis and to undergo treatment.

On Wednesday, Khanya said his wife had informed him about the prayer in Durban.

“I don’t think my brother is going. We’ve been inseparable since he got back from prison, but I haven’t seen him lately. If something happens on the homestead, I will go because this is our home, “he said.

When asked about Zuma’s health, Khanya said in isiZulu:” Insizwa leya, iyaphila. Ihlale ithi bangisabisa ngejele, abazi ukuthi ijele ikhaya engakhulela kulona.

Meaning:“ This guy (Zuma) is alive and well. He always tells me they are threatening me with jail, but they don’t know the prison is my second home. “

Zuma’s nephew, Inkosi Simphiwe Zuma of the KwaNxamalala Tribal Authority, said he wouldn’t attend the event because he had a different commitment.

“But all clan members from Mpendle and elsewhere will take part.”

Simphiwe, who always said it was quiet too early To celebrate, with Zuma still facing a mammoth court battle, the family said they would still be planning a “proper Thanksgiving” to welcome the former president home.

“So would the clan don’t do things. There is a traditional and cultural way of telling ancestors that he’s home. So we’ll be planning that, “he said.

The councilor for District 14, falls under Zuma’s homestead, Bongukwakhe Mbambo said he had not received an official invitation from the organizers to but he will still attend the Durban service.

“As a congregation, we have no official plan to transport the neighbors to Durban because nobody has told us about the service. Remember, this is organized by the churches so you can’t have people who don’t go to this event, ”he said.