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LISTEN | ‘I hugged him’: How Cape Town nurse disarmed hospital gunman

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A fearless nurse managed to calm a gunman at a Cape Town hospital by hugging him and chatting until he agreed, sedated

< p>“I walked up to him and hugged him,” said Nurse Diane Seale of New Somerset Hospital, where Jaun-Paul Carl Malgas is alleged to have shot and killed two patients and a police officer on Saturday night.

“As I entered the hospital on the second floor, I noticed a body on the floor in the corridor, but my eyes fell on the patient with a gun in his hand. I went straight to him and made eye contact.

“I led him into a booth. He told me to close the door. This also gave our employees the opportunity to take care of the police officer who was shot. I felt I could calm him down a bit.

“Although I noticed that two patients had been shot and died, there were two patients alive that I had to rescue. I made him sit and stand in front of him so those patients wouldn’t be in danger,” Seale told Department of Health officials Wednesday, who shared her comments.

Seale said she was focused on trying to calm down the Sagittarius. “I didn’t want to take my eyes off him. I kept telling him we needed to talk. I dealt with him as a person. I wasn’t focused on what he had done or could do.

“I asked him, ‘What happened?’ I reached out and touched him, and he allowed me to. That gave me confidence and I knew he trusted me.

“He looked at me with my hands still on his shoulders and said, ‘You’re brave, you’re the only one here came in.’ . At this point, I just wanted to keep him focused and calm.”

Seale said she repeatedly asked him to drop his gun. Little did she know that an armed police team was stationed in front of the booth.

“I took him to my chest and hugged him tight, and he allowed me to hold him again. At least I knew we had that relationship.

“My main goal was to isolate him from other staff and patients. Eventually he agreed, and while I remained seated, I walked to the cabin doors and noticed that the tactical team was outside. I felt I had some control over the situation.

“There were moments [when] the perpetrator and I struck up a conversation and I was even able to crack a joke.

” When he spoke to me, I would give him that opportunity, but I kept coming back to the request to put down the gun. During our exchange, I raised his face and said, “See that uniform? I’m here to save life and limb.

“Finally, he agreed to me sedating him. I sat with him the whole time and stroked his forehead until he was finally sedated. At that point, I was able to call the tactical team to subdue him.

“When I walked out, everyone was there. My team was there and safe. It gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going.”

Professor Roger Dickerson, Director of Emergency Services at the new Somerset Hospital, described Seale as a “remarkable person,” adding, “She was ready to give herself sacrificing herself and her own safety and well-being to ensure the safety and well-being of others.

“And I have absolutely no doubt that on Saturday night she saved lives, lives that would normally be lost

Dickerson said on-duty staff in New Somerset during Saturday’s incident, “although they themselves were horrified to see the team pulled together to not only support each other, but to ensure the safety and security of the remaining patients.” to provide excellent care and did their utmost to remain calm during their stay. Worlds fell apart around them.

“To me, it’s not just a testament to profound professionalism, Hin gift and utter humanity, but it is truly indicative of the relationships of the staff of a small hospital at levels that can contract moment by moment in times of absolute terror, delivering such amazing results.”

The Western Cape Premier Alan Winde said Seale demonstrated leadership, bravery, compassion, teamwork and true humanity.

“Her unwavering focus and attention to the suspected shooter ensured countless lives were saved,” Winde said Wednesday.

“Following the incident I had the opportunity to engage this team who were working to ensure these services New Somerset was unaffected despite the events.

“I commend every staff member under Sister Seale’s leadership for going above and beyond their call of duty and upholding the Hippocratic Oath. Their selfless actions embody the ethics that nurses across the province uphold every day and we salute them.”

Western Cape Health MEC Nomafrench Mbombo said health workers, particularly nurses, “time and again demonstrated her resilience, dedication and commitment and fearlessness in saving our patient’s life and risking her own.”

“Her actions are justified by the heroism of Nurse Seale and all of the health care workers at New Somerset Hospital perfectly illustrated who without hesitation…protected the lives of every other patient in the facility.”

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