Aug 18, 2022

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LISTEN | Intersectional activists speak about growing youth activism at grassroots level

As the country wraps up Youth Month, we recognize the commitment of youth in tackling the many challenges they face, some of which are unprecedented.

Though youth activism This is not Given the history of the country, a recent phenomenon that we have seen is an increasing involvement of youth in the struggle for change in society through various forms of activism.

Increasing involvement of young people People fighting for a better future has been evident through organisations, forums, workshops and most recently at the opening parade of Ahmed Kathrada Youth Day on June 16th. At the march, hundreds of young people braved the cold weather to march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to deliver a memorandum of demands.

Many of these young people have chosen an intersectional approach to address the challenges they face, as most if not all , interconnected and asking people to show solidarity when dealing with them.

According to 25-year-old intersectional activist Irfaan Mangera, they should not feel the need to do the kind of activism that they operate.

Mangera believes that “we have to be grassroots activists, we have to be community-based activists to realize that our future is interconnected, and therefore we have to we will be able to serve inside a base capacity”.


Despite growing efforts and youth participation in creating a better society for all, much remains to be done.

Mangera, who is also program manager for youth activism at the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, believes that involving young people in the “ higher levels of p ower”.

The 26-year-old intersectional feminist and founder of the movement Voice of the People,” Faeeza Lok said one of the main reasons why things don’t change in SA society is the culture of government.

According to Lok, a change in leadership is unlearning unconscious bias, requires a growth mindset and leadership with empathy for its constituents.

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