Aug 9, 2022

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LISTEN | Parliament blaze spreads as wind causes chaos for firefighters

The fire that ripped through Parliament in Cape Town threatened to spread to the official office of President Tuynhuys after it was re-lit Monday night.

The fire previously “covered the entire roof.” devoured “in the evening, with the fire now spreading as it is being fanned by high winds.

JP Smith, the Cape Town Mayor’s Committee for Security and Protection, said Monday evening that the fourth and fifth floor of the new wing above the National Assembly have been “completely gutted”.

“Wind-swelling flames near palm trees in Company Gardens, 10 meters from Tuynhuys. Crews are working on removing vegetation between the two High-performance fire extinguishers have just arrived from the air, which can be used in the current strong winds, “he said.

The extinguishing work continued.

Parliament spokesman Moloto Mothapo confirmed Monday afternoon that the building was re-lit.

“[The] fire has just re-emerged and there is no w engulfing the entire roof of the National Assembly. It’s inexplicable as we thought it was completely extinguished, “he said.

At around 8:00 pm, Jermaine Carelse, spokesman for the Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services, said the roof was still” completely in. ” There was fire. ”

60 firefighters were on site along with 10 extinguishers.

” The fire was fanned by a strong southeast wind, an element we cannot control, “said Carelse .

He told journalists, “I can actually say with some certainty [in] three to four hours that some normalcy will be restored.”

Carelse also confirmed that it was Fire “ flared up” “.

” The void under the roof of the National Assembly is burning. There are six fire extinguishers on site, as well as the Roeland Street fire station lift. ”

There were 34 firefighters on site, he said.

Smith previously said the wind had steadily got stronger, which “ ignited the smoldering wood in the roof cavity”. , parts of which are inaccessible for dousing or steaming “.

The strategy, he said, was to” contain the current fire area above the fourth and fifth floors.

< p> “The fire is not contained,” he added.

In a statement, Parliament said: “The brave and courageous struggle of the firefighters against the flames that burned various buildings of Parliament over almost two days, suffered a setback when flames suddenly flared up from the roof of the building this afternoon.

“The fire flare up follows earlier information from firefighters about the risky high temperatures in the gutted buildings.”

The presiding officers – the spokesman for the National Assembly, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula and the chairman of the National Council of Provinces, Amos Masondo – said the firefighters had been called up more.

“The presiding officers will continue to be supported by the resistance ability, courage and bravery of firefighters encouraged to bring the fire under control, “they said.