Nov 29, 2022

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LISTEN | Santaco distances itself from national shutdown as taxi fares set to increase

The SA National Taxi Council (Santaco) has distanced itself from any involvement in planning a nationwide shutdown on Friday or lobbying for the involvement of other unions.

News of a possible nationwide shutdown emerged this week online as taxi fares are set to increase following the recent increase in fuel prices.


Santaco and the National The Taxi Alliance , the country’s largest taxi unions, have lobbied unions such as the Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) and other community groups to unite for a nationwide shutdown.

Santaco national spokesman Thabiso Molelekwa, told TimesLIVE there were no plans for a nationwide shutdown as they were in talks with the government over a viable solution following last week’s skyrocketing gas price hikes.

“Sant aco has never advocated for a nationwide closure with any organization, and has no plans to close. However, we firmly believe that urgent government action is required, and this despite the threat of hikes in taxi fares. The reason we won’t start protests or a nationwide shutdown is because all avenues haven’t been exhausted yet. We are in talks with the government.”

National Taxi Alliance spokesman Theo Malele did not respond to inquiries.

Cosatu KwaZulu-Natal Secretary Edwin Mkhize said during the union federation was seriously concerned because of fuel price increases, they had not been invited to sit down with Santaco.

He said they were “not aware of any plans for a nationwide shutdown”.

Taxi fares are set to rise between June and July after petrol prices soared last Wednesday, with the price of 95 octane unleaded petrol rising by 2.33 R/l and for 93 octane unleaded petrol by 2 R .43/l. It costs R24.17/l for 95 unleaded and R23, 94/l for 93 unleaded.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy announced that diesel and fluorescent paraffin will also be reduced by R1.10/ land R1.56< em>/lb betw.

The wholesale price for diesel also reached record highs with high-sulphur 0.05% Diesel at a price of R/l 23.09 in Germany and 0.005% for low-sulphur diesel at 23.23 R/l.

The government offered motorists much-needed short-term relief by allowing the temporary reduction in the general fuel tax extended to 1.50 R/l. The ministry originally announced a temporary reduction from April 6th to May 31st. This should provide households with short-term relief from rising fuel prices after Russia invaded Ukraine. span>

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