Dec 7, 2022

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LISTEN | Truckers bring part of N3 to standstill over ’employment of foreigners’

The “employment of foreign nationals” sparked the protest by lorry drivers that brought the N3 between Warden and Villiers to a standstill on Tuesday.

Protesting lorry drivers parked their lorries on the national road, which Durban connects Johannesburg and Johannesburg.

The All Truck Drivers Forum and Allied South Africa (ATDF ASA) told TimesLIVE the protest related to foreign truck drivers, which has long been a concern of local drivers.< /p>

“Foreign truckers are preferred to South Africans. [They should] go to countries where there is a shortage of skilled workers; instead they come to South Africa, where there is an unemployment crisis,” said Sifiso Nyathi from ATDF ASA.

“We support the truck drivers who are protesting today. We’re all frustrated.

“We can talk all we want, but no one listens to us because we’re poor. If we had money, we would take these truck companies and the government to court. But we don’t, so people have to protest to be heard.”

Thania Dhoogra of the N3 toll concession said the road between Warden and Villiers remained closed in both directions.

< p>“The traffic jam stretches for 5 km in each direction. There is no indication of when the road will reopen,,” she said.

Dhoogra advised motorists , wait If possible, travel and approach the area with caution.

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