Dec 9, 2021

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LISTEN | Zuma’s parole under spotlight on Tuesday as parties question his release

The decision to release former President Jacob Zuma on medical grounds will be considered Tuesday in the Pretoria Supreme Court.

The questions will be asked by the prosecutor, AfriForum and the Helen Suzman Foundation .

In September, AfriForum became the third organization to file an urgent motion to overturn the decision of the prison director Arthur Fraser to release Zuma. Fraser admitted in an interview with SABC that he made the decision to grant Zuma parole.

did not approve parole because it indicated Zuma was in stable condition.

The prosecutor wants an order that will replace the decision with a denial denying Zuma’s parole.

She also wants an order instructing Zuma to be returned to prison serving the remainder of his sentence.

DA leader John Steenhuisen said Fraser’s decision to grant Zuma parole was illegal for two reasons.

“First, if properly interpreted Law [Correction Services] and Regulations prevents the Commissioner from granting medical parole if the board recommends not granting an inmate medical parole, ”he said.

Said Steenhuisen, who had the alternative Decision of the commissioner r’s major influence mistakenly believed he was entitled to parole when the board concluded that Zuma was not sick enough to warrant it.