Oct 4, 2022

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Load-shedding by Eskom affects City Power during restoration

City Power said Thursday that load shedding is straining its resources as some substations are unable to return to normal after power is restored.

As a result, customers were left without power longer.

“The last two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, were the worst hit as most of our substations failed to turn on after recovering with Randburg,” City Power said in a statement.

It’s said the latest load shedding announced by Eskom this week, which is expected to continue through Sunday night, comes as City Power is already struggling to cope with an increase in winter demand while battling rampant cable theft and illegal connections.

On Thursday afternoon, City Power teams were struggling with some of the substations that were still off.

These include Randburg 11kV Sub, Northrid ing 11kV Sub, Brynorth 6.6kV Sub, Beyers 11kV Sub, Randburg 6.6kV Sub and Fontainebleau 6.6kV Sub.

“While most of them are recovering due to system overload out, we have found that some failures were caused by vandalism and cable theft during load shedding, as was the case at Founders Hill switc gas station near Greenstone.”

The utility said the aging Infrastructure cannot be ignored either.

“We urge our customers to also help reduce inrush current by shedding heavy equipment under load.

“This includes geysers , pool pumps, heaters and stoves. They can be gradually turned back on a few minutes after power is restored.”