Jul 28, 2021

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Looting and riots severely damaged politicians’ reputations: Archbishop Thabo Makgoba

Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba said the recent violent protests and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng during the coronavirus pandemic damaged the credibility of SA politicians.

This damaged credibility is so bad that their requests to the poor to stop the looting were “just a cruel joke”.

Makgoba spoke on Thursday at a virtual 66th session of the Synod of the Diocese of Cape Town.

” We have seen unmitigated corruption and looting from the public sector, corruption that equates to stealing from the weakest, looting that has damaged the credibility of politicians so badly that last week’s appeals to the ‘have’ were no longer looted ‘Got’ was just a cruel joke, “he said.

Makgoba added,” The events of the past two weeks require that we, as leaders and followers, think deeply about what is of ours Land has become. We can’t go on as we are. We have to realign our compass and choose a different direction. ”

He said that while recent events may have been triggered by developments around our former president, it was the speed at which the chaos spread , spoke for the diseases and toxicity of our divided society.

Makgoba condemned “unscrupulous people” who have profited from the pandemic.

“Those who are married to a capitalist model , must recognize that our current financial and economic systems are not for the common good; they create unemployment and inequality, so unemployment is 32.6%, youth unemployment is 46.3% and the World Bank says we are the most inequalities country on earth. We must re-commit to closing the gap between the overly rich and the debilitating poor, “said the Archbishop.

” Let us emulate the courage of those who have seized in South Africa, the US and elsewhere the struggle to recognize that black people’s lives are important and that we must build a society and economy that fully reflects this. ”

He expressed his condolences to the families of those who died of Covid . 19. “We pray for those who mourn or suffer from the death or loss of relatives and friends, and for those who have lost their jobs or their wages have been cut,” he said.