Jan 27, 2023

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Man pleads guilty to culpable homicide five years after crashing into couple

Andrew Kagiso Malele pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Monday, almost five years after he caused the fatal accident that killed a newly engaged couple.

Malele’s prosecution was announced in April launched last year following the involvement of AfriForum’s private advocacy. Malele pleaded guilty in Pretoria Regional Court on Monday.

On December 23, 2017, Malele’s car crashed into the vehicle in which Ruan Coen, 26, and Jessika Kennedy, 25, were driving. The couple had only been engaged three weeks earlier.

Coen and Kennedy returned to Pretoria on the N4 from White River. Driving in the opposite direction, Malele lost control of his vehicle and collided with the couple’s car.

Both were killed instantly. Malele sustained only minor injuries.

Ursula Kors, Coen’s mother, contacted AfriForum after the file was allegedly missing from the Silverton police station.

AfriForum said its private prosecutor’s office was working closely along with Colonel Werner Everson of the Silverton Detective Agency and Sgt. Piet Ferreira of the Sinoville Detective Agency to reassemble the file to allow the defendant to be prosecuted.

AfriForum said in an emotional meeting before the start of the trial, Malele apologized to Kors for killing the Kors couple and inflicted pain and agony on their loved ones.

But Kors said justice still had to be done.

Gerrie Nel, AfriForum’s Director of Private Prosecutions also said that justice must prevail.

“While we now know that the defendant pleaded guilty this morning, we believe he has no other choice that e There was a very strong case against him,” said Nel.

Kors said while the family has forgiven what happened, they firmly believe that justice must be served and decisions must be made answer to the people you met in life.

“The loss of two young people has impacted many lives,” Kors said.

Malele’s bail has been extended.

< p>The matter has been postponed until July 7 to allow the court to submit a report from the probation officer and an investigation into the impact on victims.