Aug 9, 2022

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Man survives night in tree after kayak capsizes on flooded Vaal River

A 42-year-old Johannesburg man survived a night huddled in a tree after his kayak swept and capsized on the flooded Vaal River on Monday.

National Maritime Rescue Institute (NSRI) Vaal The dam station commander Jake Manten said the man who was on a team at the South African Wildlife Rehabilitation Center was located Tuesday.

The man was reported missing on Monday afternoon after allegedly helping with a rescue of birds and their eggs from trees on the flooded Vaal River while kayaking, Manten said.

“The river, which had been swollen by heavy rains, had opened four of the dam’s lock gates by the time Department of Water and Sewage, “he said.

” Our NSRI rescue vehicle towing our lifeboat and an NSRI inflatable ark with fast water rescue equipment responded and was caught by a police diving unit it, SA police service, ER24 ambulance service and Netcare 911 ambulance service. “

A search was carried out alone on the river banks to the Groenpunt Correctional Center. Eyewitnesses said they had previously seen a kayak capsizing further upriver, Manten said.

“The search was suspended during the night and resumed on Tuesday at dawn. A stop was made on the river to visit help coordinate the search. A police helicopter took part in the ongoing search.

“During the search, the missing kayak was found wrapped around a tree and damaged.

” During the search by an NSRI – Lifeboat In this area along the river, the man was found huddled in a tree he climbed to escape the rapids after being swept away when his kayak capsized. “

The man became rescued from the tree and taken aboard the NSRI lifeboat and taken to the staging area where family, colleagues and friends were reunited.

Manten said he stayed in the tree all night.

“ER24 paramedics helped de For medical treatment for exhaustion and dehydration and after rehydration and further care, he did not need any further help. NSRI commends all the services involved in the successful search and rescue operation. “