Feb 7, 2023

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Man who murdered girlfriend and her mother says he was under ‘love spell’

A man who pleaded guilty to the killing of his girlfriend and her mother and claimed he was under a “love spell” was sentenced to two life terms in prison by the Eastern Cape Supreme Court in Sterkspruit this week .

Lesotho national Moshoeshoe Falatsa, 34, has been convicted of the murder of two women in Tienbank village, Sterkspruit district, in October 2020.

In his pleading statement, Falatsa admitted that he and girlfriend Nthati Lento have been in a rocky romantic relationship that has been marred by struggles. This caused her to flee to Ceres in the Western Cape.

“He claimed they kept talking on the phone while she was on Ceres until she introduced him to her new boyfriend. When she came back, Falatsa, who claimed to have been charmed by a “love potion or muti” given to him by Nthati, still wanted them to fix things in their relationship,” NPA Eastern regional spokesman said Cape, Luxolo Tyali.

Tyali said the couple met at the girlfriend’s house on the day of the murder to discuss their relationship, but they ended up falling out. Falatsa claims that his girlfriend’s mother, Pulane Lento, intervened and insulted him in the process, even though he supported her and her other children financially.

< span> He left their apartment in a fit of rage and returned at night, broke a window and stabbed both women.

Then he fled the village and spent the rest of the night in the open field. He was arrested after his friend convinced him to turn himself in.

Public prosecutor Luvuyo Pomolo pleaded for the court to impose life sentences, stating that the gruesome murder of the two women in the sanctity of their home deserved the harshest punishment, especially in a country where gender-based violence and intimate femicide have become a scourge.

Barry Madolo, Chief Prosecutor of the Eastern Cape, commended the police for arresting and solving the case.

He welcomed the verdict, hoping it would deter other alleged perpetrators of femicide and gender-based violence.

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