Sep 20, 2021

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Medical and dental deans call for compulsory vaccination of health science students

The SA Committee of Medical Deans (Sacomd) and the SA Committee of Dental Deans (Sacodd) have called for the mandatory vaccination of all health science students and general health workers against Covid-19.

The committees, Representing the colleges that train SA health workers, said the move would “fuel efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus in our communities and limit the effects of significant diseases”.

“More critical vaccination.” , which will provide dental staff and students exposed to high levels of aerosol generating procedures.

“In the past, medical staff as students had to be vaccinated against the hepatitis B virus, albeit primarily in this case for individual benefit, ”said Prof. Tiaan de Jager, Sacomd Chair and Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pretoria.

nd h at great benefits for the benefit of the entire health care community, including colleagues and patients whose lives are entrusted to the care of health care workers and use the best vaccination schedule to maximize protection not only against severe Covid-19, but also against what is most likely to affect protection against infection and mild to moderate Covid-19, ”said de Jager / p>

The committees have also recommended that healthcare workers who have already received a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine receive a booster dose.

“It has been reported that the Single-dose J&J vaccine among South African health workers reduced the risk of hospitalization and death by 74% and 97%, respectively.

“However, there are no data on the We the J&J vaccine against infections before and mild Covid-19. Its effectiveness is expected to be significantly less than that of two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, which induces significantly higher levels of neutralizing antibodies than a single dose of J&J, “said de Jager.

” A booster dose of J&J, six months after vaccination, has shown that antibody levels increase nine-fold.

“Alternatively, a heterologous prime-boost approach with an enhancement of a messenger RNA vaccine – for the evidence for the AstraZeneca vaccine (which even induces similar antibody responses after a single dose compared to the J&J vaccine) followed by a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine exists – could be considered. “