Dec 4, 2022

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Meghan Cremer’s murder accused allegedly seen on CCTV minutes before her disappearance

On the third day of the murder trial of horsewoman Meghan Cremer, farm owner Geoffrey Mohr testified that Jeremy Sias, a laborer at the time of Cremer’s disappearance and murder, was a reliable worker and “a good guy”.


“He grew up on the farm with my sons and has been a laborer since he was young,” Mohr told Cape Town’s High Court on Wednesday.

“There was a few hiccups here and there [with Sias]. He loved vehicles and once drove a tractor into a brick wall. He also rode our quad bike without asking, but as a young man we all thought it was just naughty stuff.” Sias allegedly killed 29-year-old Meghan Cremer at her farmhouse on August 3, 2019.

Prosecutor Emily van Wyk asked Mohr if he knew if there were cameras on the farm at the time of the crime on August 3, 2019.

“At that time there were eight cameras on the farm and the Monitor was in our kitchen. Sias most likely knew there were cameras on the farm since he most likely installed the poles [from which] the cameras were hung,” Mohr said.

In the courtroom, stills of the CCTV screengraps were then taken from the outside shown the main farmhouse on the day of Cremer’s disappearance. The images show a man resembling Sias, wearing a red ‘Bronx’ jersey, walking past the house just 50m from Cremers Cottage at 4:28pm.

The state claims Sias did entering her cottage shortly thereafter at around 5pm, strangled Cremer, put her in the trunk of her white Toyota Auris and drove her away from the farm, dumping her body a short distance away on Olieboom Road.

He is said to have been partying with friends in Meghan’s vehicle that night when they were stopped at a roadblock. After a breathalyser test, Sias tried to run away from the police officers but was soon arrested. His blood was tested for alcohol but the results were below the legal limit so officers fired him even though he did not have a driver’s license.

The car was seized by police a few days later alleged friends of Sias, Charles Daniels and Shiraaj Jafta, who were reportedly trying to find a buyer for the vehicle.

Cremer’s body was found on August 8 in a field near the farm where she was later alive and the body was pointed out by Sias.

Sias has pleaded not guilty.

On the day of Cremer’s murder, Sias said he was at the farm for dog food collect from a compost heap on the opposite end of the property from Cremers Cottage. He had been drinking in the afternoon and stumbled across a white vehicle parked near the compost heap with the ignition key in the ignition.

He said he took the car without knowing it was Cremer’s vehicle , and focuses on one of them his “Joyrides”. It was only later that he realized the car belonged to Cremer, whom he knew from working on the farm.

The trial continues.

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